Somebody built a 6-wheeled version of the smart fortwo and it looks awesome. We don't know how and why this project came to be, but as far as we can tell, this is the only one like it in the world.

Several people have made 3-axle versions of the regular smart fortwo. Considering the platform is the same, we shouldn't be surprised by this new contraption.

OK-Chiptuning, a German firm, gives us the walkaround. Stock, the car came with the 61 PS version of the 0.7-liter turbo engine, which has been upgraded to 85 PS and 135 Nm of torque, about the same as the current Twingo 0.9 TCe. So it's neither slow nor fast.

The second axle, the one at the back, probably isn't connected to the drive shaft, considering it would eat up so much of the power. But you could almost call this a pickup since it has a lift-up fiberglass cover and storage for lots of really thin things, like suitcases. There's also a second trunk at the front, just like a Porsche Cayman... a Porsche Cayman kit car that is.

As if six wheels weren't going to grab enough attention, the roadster also comes with Lambo doors.

Given the addition of the smart is now technically a mid-wheel drive car. Unfortunately, we don't know enough German to understand how that affects its handling characteristics. But it's still got TUV certifications and looks that will gather crowds at any car meet.

The roadster's electrically operated convertible roof remains intact, which is amazing considering you can buy one for beer money.

If this were out project car, we'd do even crazier attention-grabbing things, like a chrome wrap, fender flares, and a huge rear wing. Maybe even an engine swap, considering the roadster used to be available as a limited-edition 1.4-liter V6.