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    The only reason i have a Smart, is the fact of the very strong structural strength of the tridion.

    Plus the car has multiple airbags, and has a host of electronics to control braking, like ABS that rappidly puts brakes off and on, and anti-skid control where it controls braking diagonally. It is that sensitive a puddle will operate it.

    Mind you in the wet, I still never trust a Fortwo on a roundabout and go very slowly round it, as have heard cases of roundabout spin out.

    Also wind is a problem on a Fortwo, just by its lightness and high sides, so again always take care when it is windy.

    As for the guys comment about self driving cars, well that is just a can of worms, as sensors can fail and kill you, re: lexus driver case. I could never trust a self driving car, knowing that failure of components happen in cars all the time, and it needs a human to realise that and come to a stop, before the car kills you. Another example that a self driving car is dangerous, as in our part of the country, fast moving deer cross the road all the time, and as a human, I can see it cutting across the field and work out when it is going to reach the road and take appropiate action, An automated car would not 'see' the deer till too late, and a collision would occur. God help us all if this is the future.
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