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    Default smart trailer cample

    hello, I have a beautifull 2016 smart, red and black,

    I am in Canada, I am looking every where for nice and kute trailer like we see on pinterst. the hic! it is all in Europe.

    do you have some suggestion?

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    Hi and welcome. You are so lucky that you are allowed to tow with a Fortwo, as Canada, USA and mainland Europe can tow small caravans and trailers. But here in the UK we are not allowed under law to tow with a Fortwo. Pity!

    The 451 Fortwo is suitable for towing a small trailer upto 450Kg with a 40Kg nose weight.

    You can google or use Youtube to find a small trailer or caravan, but watch that tow weight.

    Here is an example from Canada (company ....Smart Car Universe)...

    PS.....I have a Fortwo, but I do use a larger caravan on our family car SUV, so as a caravan owner I would advise you to carry a spare wheel for your trailer or caravan (once you buy one).
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