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    Jul 2016

    Default Seat base fabric replacement

    Hi guys I have a 2008 fabric 451 has anybody changed the fabric seat cover? I know it is glued on to the foam but Smart sold me a new cover here in the US. I have seen the seat pad removal from a UK Smart site but has anyone completed the change?
    Thanks Gordon

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    Jul 2015
    Signal Hill, California USA
    We swap out seats all the time here at our facility, but never just the cover itself. It is more cost effective to swap out the entire seat because you can get good condition seats for a couple hundred dollars.

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    Wink 451 passion cabrio seat replacement

    i have a 451 passion cabriolet model that i want to upgrade the seats. They are cloth now. Any suggestions?

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    Sep 2019

    Default Seat base fabric replacement

    When you remove the old cover check the condition of the wadding, this is what gives the seat its firmness and comfort. Whats the adhesive for, any seats I dismanteled used clips and springs.Which type seat is it?

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