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    Default My sisters new leased Forfour

    I recently bought a new 453 Fortwo cabrio here in the UK and my sister who has a husband and two children, liked it so much she went out and leased a new Forfour. (four seater) on a 3 year deal at 195 down and 3 years at 110 a month, no buy option (Note that the Forfour is not available in the USA or Canada).

    It seems the fourfour is outselling/outleasing the new 453 fortwo here in the UK, mainly due to its competitive pricing, as it is up against other small four seater cars, like the new Renault twingo (built in the same factory with same engines), also the small fiat 500 and the like, so initial down payment for leasing is low, compared to the fortwo with no small two seater competition is almost 1000 down just to lease and then 125 a month for three years, which puts people off leasing fortwos.

    (note leasing deals do vary, but the forfour seems still to be the best deal here in the UK compared to the fortwo, seems ironic as the forfour is the bigger car, but thats the car game for you).

    The forfour is only 500 dearer than the fortwo if buying the car, and seems the more practical car, being identical to the fortwo except for being a little bit longer to house the four seats. Having driven my sisters car above, I like it, but I still prefer my fortwo due to its small size.

    Pity you are not being offered the choice in the USA/Canada to be able to buy/lease a forfour, as many of you would likely prefer having the additional two seats/more space.

    Maybe Smart will change their minds and offer you the Forfour at a later date

    Funny TV advert shown in the UK for the Smart forfour......
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    I'm not digging the forfour at all. There's so little room back there that I don't think it's worth it. If you need or want a four or five seater car, you should not looking at Smart. At least that's how I see it.

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    Default My sisters new leased Forfour

    Now that a few months have passed, Id like to know how it has continued to impress you, or not. Have you had the chance to shoot much since June? Thanks in advance.

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