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    Cool Drivers seat lowering kit

    Can anyone help I want to lower the front of my drivers seat so I am sat more level has anybody done this before or any ideas I live in the UK so I am trying to find out any info I can 😃👍

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    Hi, I am also from UK but I am always reading many Smart Forums, as been a Smart owner since 2003.

    Usually lowering is to do with the suspension coils, but seat lowering is more unusual as most of us want to retain the safety aspect of siting high in a Fortwo cabin, in case of a side impact.

    If you are very tall try reclining the seat back, see if that works, but if not and you do still want to lower the seat then you will have to unplug wiring, take out seat and base underframe, and chop and re-weld the underframe to suit. Not many have done that not switch car ignition back on when seat wiring upluged as it will mess up seat side air bag info/status stored in car computer (assuming you have seat side air bag).

    You can google ' lower seat smart fortwo' and come up with some links on Smart websites.

    Here is one example... (good luck to you, if you go ahead chopping and re-welding).....
    Lowering the drivers seat - Smart Car Forums
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    Thanks for your advice I will try other ways first much appreciated

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    I had no idea that lowering the seat compromises the security in the case of side impacts, but it makes sense. Can anything be done to compensate for this?

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