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    Thumbs up Seat covers. Modifications ?

    Hi All. I just bought a 451 today and th first thing I noticed is that the seat is a little sparse on comfort, it's not bad just not enough to cup my generous behind in complete comfort.
    So, I have some new sheepskin seat covers but the seatbelt comes off the seat shoulder so the seat cover would cover the belt.

    How do I modify the cover or can I legally undo a bolt on the seat belt to thread it thru the cover ?
    Does anyone else use seat covers ?
    Thanks in advance, Brett.

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    No unbolting of the seatbelt is required, EVER!.

    The seatbelt can slide though the black shoulder strap fixing which is solidly fixed to the seat.

    You can remove the seatbelt from the seat, I usually do that when folding the passenger seat flat for shopping.

    To remove the seat belt just follow the intricate slot that holds the seatbelt that is within shoulder strap fixing. The seatbelt does come out and go back in again later when you want, by just twisting and bending the belt round the intricate slot.

    One you have removed seatbelt, just slip over the cover, and make a vertical rectangular slot (at red arrow pointing in the photo below) that fits over the shoulder strap fixing of the seat and then put your seatbelt back in.

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