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Thread: Charging system

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    Default Charging system

    Hello All,

    Need some insight into the Smart Fortwo 2008 charging system, battery is going flat despite using the car, changed battery but happened again, mutimeter across terminals shows 14.2v when engine is at idle, increase revs and this drops to 12.5/6v, turn side lights on and increase revs it charges at 13.6 to 14.2v, left meter connected and took car for a run, at revs/speed 12.5/6v, take foot off accelerator 14.2v, back on the gas 12.5/6v and so on, turn lights on 14.2v across the range, anyone have any idea what's going on, seems the alternator works fine, this to me is more like computer, help!

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    I would get the fault codes checked out either by yourself or car mechanic, and see if any relate to the charging/alternator/ignition systems.

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